This site was born as an expression of my professional life, my experiences, opinions and accomplishments. But as with many things, it has languished in more recent years, and my life has gone in a different direction. With that thought in mind I am redirecting this site (metaphorically) and we will all get to see where it might go.

The page used to say . . . .

Over 20 years working in the IT industry doesn’t come without a cost, and that cost for me has been my passion to see things done well and a refusal to stand by and watch the same mistakes being made again and again.
I have worked in IT since 2001 and over the last 12 years have been involved specifically with software implementations, both off-the-shelf solutions and custom or bespoke systems. I have been struck, as are we all, by the predictable tendency of such projects to fall into the same pot holes and abysses more than once, the predictable tendency to fail against expectations.
Good people, great experience, mature systems – none of these point with any certainty to the real, abiding success of the implementation effort.
Since 2005 I have been consulting specifically on project portfolio management (PPM) software implementations for a number of diverse clients. My passion is to work with you from the start, to avoid the pitfalls not at the last-minute but by careful, early planning. My promise is to show you how to realise the return on investment that this approach offers and to help you deliver that ROI as quickly as possible.

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